Oyster Cook-Off Information

Cook- Off Official Rules & Guidelines

  1. All contestants are responsible for their own grills, charcoal, propane, cooking utensils, ingredients, sample serving dishes & utensils for public tasting, display dishes for the In addition to all cooking utensils, tablecloth and coolers that are needed to participate.
  2. The Oyster Festival Committee will supply 6 sacks of oysters to each team for the cook-off competition. Teams will be responsible to purchase additional sacks needed on site. All teams must serve from Noon until 4PM.
  3. Teams can load in on Friday, March 26th from 2 PM – 5 PM (all teams). Official start time for the cook- off is Noon – 4 PM, Saturday March 27, 2021
  4. All teams are required to be on site by 10 am. on Saturday, March 27th for meeting. Teams are required to be set up and “ready to serve” by Noon.
  5. All judging is final.
  6. All  teams are required to cook & serve oysters from Noon – 4PM for public tasting.
  7. All contestants are to be in compliance with all health department regulations.  Teams must provide the correct storage and storage containers for the oysters including preparatory items plus all serving items (plates, forks, napkins, etc.).
  8. Each team will display a “consumption of raw seafood” notice at their These will be supplied by The Oyster Cook-Off and Festival Committee.
  9. There will be no outside beverages brought into The Oyster Cook-Off. Any team serving alcohol to guests will be removed from the event without refund.
  10. Each team must provide their own 10×10 tent.